Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Missing Mobile Device: A GPS Camera Phone

Wade Roush of MIT Technology Review says on his Continous Computing Blog

The Missing Mobile Device: A GPS Camera Phone

I completely agree with Wade…

Wondering what is the use for such a device? Are you muttering to yourself… I am not goin to a place where ill get lost…I’ll get one when I go hitch hiking around the planet… So why do I need GPS now? Check out the rest of this blog and the blogs I read!!!

Real life GPS usage is very different from how they are portrayed in movies. Wondering whether your wife can always see a blinking dot showing where you currently are located? Well this ain’t no movie. If you want to let some one know where you are, you can let him/her/them/all know. It is and should be all in *your* hands.

The GPS camera phone makes it possible to automagically attach longitude, latitude data along with time onto your photo. Now imagine if all photos taken by all people about anything ranging from statues to marriages to funerals to meetings and conferences to wars to public demonstrations to government buildings. Everything could form a huge pool that can be looked using Co-ordinates. Wade calls it Geophotocacheing.

I feel *even* expensive GPS enabled cameras could have ushered in a revolution!!! Now that they are going to be cheap it does not matter anyway... What I meant was it should have been common place much earlier. Anyway there was no Google Maps before Feb ;-).

Consider the case of say "National Geographic", "Discovery" ,"CNN", "BBC", ”AXN”, ”Fox”,”Oprah”… Just imagine if all their newer Photos and Videos were geotagged... All the caves and tombs and rivers and deserts and battle zones. All the travelogues and documentaries and what not!!! Imagine the amount of money they pour into even conventional cameras. What are the camera and camcorder manufacturers waiting for??? Geo tagging is no big deal for these guys. Just imagine the flood of geotagged data even if only the Print and TV Reporters just got these devices. Now just add to that bloggers, honeymooners, etc. and the list just keeps growing... Hey guys where are these GPS enabled devices???

If you are wondering why CNN or BBC would geotag their images, check out my Post titled: The GeoSpatial Web - RightClick a Photo GoThere.