Monday, June 27, 2005

Using Landline Telephone Numbers for GeoLocation.

LandLine telephone numbers are associated with a particular physical address. It can be trivially mapped to a geographical co-ordinate. Once the mapping is available, you just need to know the destination phone number. Just SMS it to a specific number, along with where you are currently located and it can send you back an SMS or MMS telling you how to reach there. In short you can use a fixed landline’s phone number just the way you would use a Long/Lat co-ordinate.

Also once the mapping is available, we can massively automate the process of creation and distribution of the barcodes mentioned in my earlier article titled The Poor Man’s GPS. In some centralised office with a few employees, the barcodes for all subscribers of the telephone network could be printed out by pinpointing the addresses in the telephone directory using Google Maps. These can be delivered to the users along with their telephone bills. That way the human labour is minimized. The users can then stick it next to their mailbox for Example.